Veterans Day 2020 Lesson Plans

In honor of the upcoming Veterans Day holiday, we have collected together a series of lesson plans – all resources free for teachers to use:

Honoring Korean War Veterans
This lesson will allow students to apply the information they have learned about the Korean War and develop a medium to honor the sacrifices of Korean War Veterans. The lesson will be the culminating activity on the study of the Korean War. It is designed to develop empathy and understanding of sacrifice and need to honor veterans.
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How Do We Memorialize a “Forgotten War”?
This lesson helps students answer the question, “How do we choose to remember and memorialize people and events from history?”
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Korean War Perspectives
Using the information from “Beyond the Bridge of No Return”, Perspectives from the Korean War Legacy Foundation, and the image collection, consider the perspectives of the various people involved in the Korean War. Students will write a detailed statement and draw faces/ heads with emotions that match an aspect of their experience.
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The Impact of the Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952: (Korean GI Bill)
This lesson explores the question, “How did the Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1952 (Korean GI Bill) impact the Korean War veterans and American society as a whole?”
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