NCSS 2023 Clinic: The Metamorphosis U.S.-Korea Relations: An Inquiry-Based Approach

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Working through a wide range of primary and secondary source documents to analyze US-Korean relations, participants will take on the role of learner to understand the design of the resources. This quick-paced clinic will keep participants engaged because they will move through a series of several different dimensions of US-Korea relations and will be able to draw on the parts of the lessons that are most applicable to their students and find ways to adapt parts of the lessons that will be most appropriate for their teaching context.

Participants will leave with ready-made lessons that can be implemented immediately or adapted to better understand and appreciate the significant changes over time in US-Korea relations and consider how these lessons apply to our interconnected world today. Because we will work through the earliest 19th-century interaction followed by a very different international experience during the Korean War which is then followed by an economics-centered lesson on the dramatic growth of South Korea’s economy into a global leader, participants will find multiple points of entry for their teaching and be able to use the sources and strategies in multiple ways. Our professional learning is designed to leave space for participant reflection and processing and we want to allow participants to use the expertise of their colleagues to inform their thinking and consider new approaches beyond the ones presented in the resources. Our professional learning model creates space for participants to think carefully about the materials and how they are best used in their classroom with their students.



DESCRIPTION: Explore a case study of Korea to teach history, geography, economics, and civics lessons and assessments through free, open-source materials that can be immediately utilized and adapted.


NCSS PreConference Clinic (WHDEF)
November 30, 2023 10:00am – 4:00pm

Overview of Resources
World History Digital Education Introduction


US-Korea Relations — History of Interactions

11:30 – 11:45



US-Korea Relations — Veteran Experience




US-Korea Relations — Trade and Economics




US-Korea Relations — Korean Americans


Wrap Up Logistics and Gratitude

Registration Fee: $25
(Clinic participants must also register for the NCSS Conference)

A stipend will be paid by check at the end of the clinic to help defray any substitute and/or travel expenses.
  • Participants who complete the clinic and have attended NCSS in the past will receive a $300 travel stipend.
  • Participants who complete the clinic and are first time attendees to the NCSS conference will receive a $400 travel stipend.

Register for the NCSS Conference and clinic here: and be sure to also register for “The Metamorphosis U.S.-Korea Relations: An Inquiry-Based Approach” on the NCSS registration page. If you have already registered for the conference, email NCSS to have them add the clinic.

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This workshop was made possible through
the generous support of the Korea Foundation