NCSS 2022 Clinic: Korea’s Place in Teaching Social Studies

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The World History Digital Education Foundation is pleased to partner with the National Council for the Social Studies to publish Korea’s Place in Teaching Social Studies. The curriculum book includes four modules that are each aligned with a different discipline of social studies including history, geography, economics, and civics. All materials in the book will be offered for no charge online and in a print format.  The book is designed for the 9-12 audience, but the modules can easily be adapted for the middle school level.

Participants in the NCSS Pre-conference Clinic will actively engage in the activities and instructional materials that have been developed using open source materials to teach about Korea using a case study approach.  The rich history and culture of Korea coupled with important recent developments provide multiple opportunities to engage students. Teachers will learn about lessons aligned to four disciplines of Social Studies:

  • History:  Students explore cultural diffusion along the Silk Road and the important role of Korea in trade and exchange along this important trade route.
  • Geography:  Student analysis of maps and various sources centered on Korea will lead students to answer the essential question:  What is the site and situation of Korea?
  • Economics:  Students investigate how comparative advantage and related concepts drive global trade and can explain the growth and importance of South Korea in the global economy.
  • Civics:  Students will explore concepts of citizenship, including a citizen’s rights and responsibilities in a democracy, based on readings from South Korea and the United States.

This interactive session allows teachers to use and consider how they might adapt materials for the specific populations they teach.


NCSS PreConference Clinic
Dec 1, 2022 10:00am – 4:00pm

Overview of Resources
World History Digital Education Introduction


History Module

11:30 – 11:45



Geography Module




Economics Module




Civics Module


Wrap Up

Registration Fee: $25
(Clinic participants must also register for the NCSS Conference)

Participants who complete the clinic will receive a $400 incentive which will be paid by check at the conclusion of the session.  This is a great way to defray some of your travel expenses

Register for the NCSS Conference and clinic here: and be sure to also register for “Clinic-Korea’s Place in Teaching Social Studies” on the NCSS registration page.  If you have already registered for the conference, email NCSS to have them add the clinic.

Please contact Bobbie Downs with any questions:


This workshop was made possible through
the generous support of the Korea Foundation