“The core of Corona 19 response is speed”… Sharing ‘K Quarantine’ with US teachers

(New York = Yonhap News) Correspondent Lee Jun-seo = A video seminar was held to share the ‘K-prevention’ model with local teachers in the United States, focusing on cases of Korea’s new coronavirus infection (Corona 19).

World Health Organization (WHDEF) and Korea International Exchange Foundation (KF) hosted the ‘Corona 19 Webinar’ event hosted by the US non-profit foundation. WHO) Corona19 Emergency Committee member is here.

In a webinar (webinar) on the evening of the 13th (local time) on the theme of ‘Initial Response to Corona 19 in Korea’, South Korea actively prevented measures since WHO announced the Corona 19 pandemic. “The core is the rapid initial response speed,” he explained.

KF, a special representative for health diplomacy at KF, analyzed that “from the experience of MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome)” as the background for the rapid response of Korea.

In addition, the importance of active diagnostic kit development, transparent information disclosure, and use of information and communication technology (ICT) was emphasized.

Some teachers discussed privacy issues related to the detailed tracking of infected persons, or cultural differences between the United States and Korea, but Ji said, “Doesn’t ‘Google’ know everything about the United States? The Korean response is based on mutual understanding and agreement. “I explained.

On this day, about 240 middle and high school social studies teachers from over 30 states participated in the webinar.

With the spread of Corona 19 in the United States not easily fading and the Donald Trump administration’s “insolvency response” controversy, it seems that frontline teachers have shown high interest in Korea’s response.

WHDEF Chairman Han Jong-woo said, “North Korean organizations such as the National Council of Social Science Teachers (NCSS) usually invite 150-200 teachers even if they invite famous lecturers, which means that the US’s interest in the Corona 19 response in Korea is very high.” did.

“As a result of the questionnaire, the participant teachers said that the participant’s godfather participated in situations where they did not know the Korean case properly, and that this webinar greatly improved the awareness of Korea’s response,” said Han. I can see it.”

This webinar will be held four times through the video platform (zoom). On the 20th, Kwon Sun-man, a professor at Seoul National University’s Graduate School of Public Health, will present the theme of’How Korea has Reduced the Number of Confirmed Persons-Keeping a Social Distance.’

Previously, WHDEF produced the 57 pages of’Corona 19 Education Resource Book’ that contains cases of Korea’s Corona 19 response with the support of the Korea Foundation, and distributed it to more than 10,000 teachers in the United States.

This is a translation of an article originally published in Korean.

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