NYC Conference Contest — WHDEF 2019

The World History Digital Education Foundation invites classroom teachers, curriculum specialists, and pre-service teachers to submit a creative and engaging lesson plan that utilizes resources iin “Korea’s Place in World History”.

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This contest is only open to participants who attended the WHDEF Conference on in New York City on May 4, 2019.

Use either a source(s) or ideas shared in “Korea’s Place in World History” and develop a unique lesson plan on Korea.  The lesson could align to an AP Historical Reasoning Skill and/or any Curriculum Framework reference, though the lesson does NOT need to be based on AP.

  • Lessons may be created for any secondary social studies class
  • Ideas and sources may be used from any part of the conference, the materials provided, or the book
  • Lessons should be designed to take 1-4 class periods and utilize one of the two lesson templates (linked below)

A total of 2 prizes will be given. The deadline to submit a lesson plan for consideration in this competition is June 9, 2019.

Two Winners Will Receive

  • $1000 cash award
  • Local press release recognizing the achievement

Guidelines & Instructions

  • Eligibility: must be a classroom teacher, curriculum specialist, or pre-service teacher at the time of submission who attended the NYC Conference on 5/4/19.
  • DUE DATE:  June 9, 2019
  • Only one entry per person is allowed
  • Lessons should last between 1 and 4 class periods and follow one of the two lesson plan templates below:
    • Our standard lesson template located here.  This template will most likely make the most sense for lessons that are not aligned with a specific AP Course.
    • AP teachers are encouraged to use this template which is the template utilized in the lesson book.
  • Lessons will be judged by four WHDEF Teacher Fellows


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Contest is sponsored by the Korea Foundation.