Mapae Grant: One Horse – Tara Ann Carter

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Highlighting Korean Literature

Tara Ann Carter hosted a Korean Culture Book Club (KCBC) for Providence High School teachers. Participants represented multiple academic disciplines, including Social Studies, English, and Physical Education. The KCBC read If I Had Your Face by Korean-American author, Frances Cha. The group met five times beginning in December 2022 and ending in May 2023.

Korean Culture Book Club

Tara’s idea to form a book club, focused on Korean literature, was enthusiastically received by her peers at PHS, stemming from her belief that Korean literary works are largely absent in US schools. Participants gathered to discuss the book and its relevance to modern Korea’s relationship with western culture. At one meeting, Dr. Lucy C. Park, a Korean literature scholar, joined to share her knowledge of Korean literary movements.

Tara hopes to continue this work by expanding the book club in coming years. During the pilot KCBC, she had interest from teachers, students, and parents. Tara hopes that future iterations of the book club lead to the use curricular sources produced by the KWLF and WHDE. In addition, she hopes future participants will contribute lesson plans as an extension of the book club.

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