Mapae Grant: One Horse – Mariah Pol

Barker’s Korean War Legacy Project

Orchestrated by Mariah Pol, Barker Middle School’s Student Council conducted video interviews of four Korean War veterans so that their legacy and sacrifices in the Korean War could be preserved and learned by future generations.

Oral Historians

Barker’s Student Council acted as oral historians, connecting the gap between the region’s generations. The Korean War is often remembered as the “Forgotten War”; however, Barker’s Student Council wanted to help preserve their veterans’ sacrifices so that they are honored and remembered.

Digital Archiving

In addition to video recording, Student Council students also digitally archived letters and photographs that the veterans brought in from their time in the service.


“This was a great project to have my students involved with other generations in our community. It also was a humbling experience for my students as they preserved the legacy of the sacrifices the veterans have made. This project was also a great way to have students not just learn history but to DO history and become local historians. It will be an experience my students will remember for the rest of their lives as well as an experience that made our local veterans feel appreciated.”

-Mariah Pol