Mapae Grant: One Horse – Maranda Wilkinson

A Tribute to All Veterans

Teacher Peace Camp (’18) fellow, Maranda Wilkinson, facilitated an event highlighting the service and legacy of Korean War veterans and paying tribute to all veterans.

Documentary Screening

Veterans, teachers, and the general public were encouraged to bring their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren to this event for the screening of Beyond the Bridge of No Return. Maranda Wilkinson prefaced the screening and introduced the Korean War Legacy Foundation’s aims and resources. The documentary was shown and was followed by a reflection.

Student Performance

The event was concluded with a performance of “Arirang” by the Franklin County High School Chorus and a presentation of roses to veterans in attendance.


“Thanks to the support of the Korean War Legacy Foundation, this educational opportunity offered a means of connecting generations, honoring all who have served, and encouraging an appreciation for the human story and legacy of those willing to seek and defend freedom.”

-Maranda Wilkinson