Mapae Grant: One Horse – Lisa Gibson

teacher with two students

The Korean Peninsula Today

Lisa Gibson, World History and AP Government teacher as well as Department Chair, along with the Tallwood High School Korean Culture Club presented a workshop entitled “Let’s Talk Nuclear: The Korean Peninsula Today”.

Exploring the Threat of Nuclear War

Over thirty students and ten teachers gathered after school to hear club co-presidents Noelani Stachurski and Leilani Pickett present with club faculty advisor, Lisa Gibson.The threat of nuclear war today was explored in order to understand the legacy of the Korean war as well as basic diplomatic relations between the two Koreas.

students in seats in auditorium

A Taste of Korea

The audience was invited to sample delicious food generously funded by the Korean War Legacy Foundation’s Mapae Grant and catered by Tasty Korean BBQ, a local Korean restaurant in Virginia Beach. The feast included bulgogi, kimbap, Korean style chicken, rice, banchan, and kimchi.

students in line being served food


“Thank you so much for making this grant possible to teachers and students. This was a memorable event for students and teachers alike; we received many compliments and positive feedback. I’m really proud that our workshop, “The Korean Peninsula Today,” was presented as an opportunity for both students and teachers to learn together as peers!”

-Lisa Gibson