Mapae Grant: One Horse – Kristen Larson

Digital Archives and Ways of Remembering

Kristen Larson hosted a group of teachers and educational leaders in a program called “Digital Archives and Ways of Remembering.” The workshop was part of the annual meeting of the Minnesota Council for the Social Studies. The session reached 21 educators.

Encouraging Discussion Using the KWLF Interview Archive

Kristen’s interactive workshop began with a Hexagonal Thinking exercise that focused participants’ thoughts on social studies topics. Participants worked collaboratively to determine subtopic connecting points. Then, “thought webs” were used to justify connections as each group’s web served as a springboard for discussion. The process gave teachers tools they could use to encourage and enhance classroom discussion.

The second half of the workshop introduced educators to the Korean War Legacy Foundation Interview Archive. Participants explored the Archive and had the opportunity to watch clips of Korean War Veteran interviews. In addition, attendees explored the supplemental materials provided by veterans, including pictures and documents. Participants discussed the ways Hexagonal Thinking and the KWLF Interview Archive could be used to develop rich classroom discussion.