Mapae Grant: One Horse – Heather Brougham-Cook

teacher in front of class

Korean Capstone Experience

Heather Brougham-Cook hosted a wrap-up lunch activity that transported students to a K-Style Hub. K-Style Hubs serve as cultural information centers for tourists and are common throughout South Korea. The lunch included a study of Korean poetry, contemporary and classical Korean writers, and Korean culture.

Recreating a Seoul K-Style Hub Visit

Heather replicated a visit to a typical K-Style Hub based on memories from her visit to South Korea in the summer of 2018. Her memory included an exploration of Korean tourism, culture, and food. Students enjoyed a Korean “fast food” lunch that included Korean-style Crunchy Chicken, steamed rice, kimchi noodles, bulgogi dumplings, and seaweed snacks.

Heather’s Korean students taught fellow students how to use stainless steel chopsticks, a new experience for those accustomed to using wooden chopsticks. In addition, students discussed South Korea’s economic successes, in particular the robust medical and beauty industry. During the activity, students listened to a curated K-Pop playlist.

The activity was well received by her students. One student stated, “This event was very beneficial. I was able to learn all about Korean culture, not just food, but also customs and music. It allowed me to see a little deeper into their culture and I loved it.” Another stated, “I thoroughly enjoyed our Korean lunch. This lunch, tied in with a tea ceremony, deepened by understanding of Korean culture.”

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