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This is Our Country! Veterans Day Program 2022

Emily Ezell organized and directed the 20th annual This is Our Country! Veterans Day Program at Cowan Elementary School in Cowan, Tennessee. Two programs were held, one during the school day and a second in the evening. The program included 30 veterans, 30 students, and 10 special guests. The evening program was open to the public and attracted nearly 200 guests.

Connecting Veterans, Students and the Community

Emily Ezell’s long standing relationship with local veterans organizations helped facilitate an ongoing Veterans Day program at Cowan Elementary School. This is Our Country! was written to teach students about the events of September 11, 2001. It focuses on examples of the courage and sacrifice required of the men and women who defend our country, from threats both foreign and domestic.

The program consistently attracts large numbers of community members. This year’s play, the 20th anniversary of the program, included a new piece that recognized the 65th Infantry Regiment, the Borinqueneers. The Boringueneers were the only all-Hispanic unit that fought in the Korean War. In addition, audience members were introduced to THE 22, the Korean War Legacy Foundation and remodel and rededication of the Korean War Veterans Memorial in Washington, DC.

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