Mapae Grant: One Horse – Eliel Hinojosa and Rachel K. Turner

Korean War Pre-Service Teacher Conference

Teacher Peace Camp (’18) fellows, Eliel Hinojosa and Rachel K. Turner, conducted a conference centered on the Korean War for pre-service teachers.

Enhancing Knowledge

Over 100 pre-service teachers at Texas A&M University participated in The Korean War Pre-Service Teacher Conference. The conference was an opportunity to engage pre-service teachers with living history as well as enhance their subject matter knowledge of the Korean War.

Living History

During the conference, pre-service teachers engaged in a brief history of the Korean War and observed a live interview with Larry Kinard, Texas A&M Class of 1949. Larry Kinard served in the United States Army and is a Korean War Veteran. A Past-President of the Korean War Veterans Association and an active member of the Tell America Program, Larry Kinard is a strong advocate for teaching the Korean War in schools.


“We greatly appreciate the Foundation’s willingness to support this endeavor.”

-Eliel Hinojosa and Rachel K. Turner