Mapae Grant: One Horse – Don Jenkins

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WHDE and KWLF Curriculum Placement on Teachers Pay Teachers

Korea Research Trip (‘19) fellow, Don Jenkins, facilitated the placement of WHDE and KWLF curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers–a site visited by millions of teachers yearly.

Increasing Awareness and Accessibility

During the 2019 Korea Research Trip, Don Jenkins suggested putting WHDE and KWLF curriculum on Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) to increase the amount of teachers who have access to the curriculum since five million teachers have used TpT in the last year. Two stores were created on Teachers Pay Teachers: one for World History Digital Education and one for Korean War Legacy Foundation.


Tracking Downloads

A nice feature of Teachers Pay Teachers is the availability to track how many lessons have been downloaded. Within the first month, thirty-four lessons were downloaded from the World History Digital Education store, and fifty-five lessons were downloaded from the Korean War Legacy Foundation store. More lessons will be added to both stores as they are developed for WHDE and KWLF.



“Many teachers have worked hard on creating curriculum about Korea and The Korean War. I am grateful for the opportunity to help get the curriculum in the hands of more teachers so they can use the materials with their students.”

-Don Jenkins