Mapae Grant: One Horse – Amanda Reid-Cossentino

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Veterans Day Appreciation Event

US History and AP Macroeconomics Teacher, Amanda Reid-Cossentino, organized a Veterans Day Appreciation Event as a means of providing students with an opportunity to meet and engage in small group discussions with local veterans.

Meeting Local Veterans

Twenty-one interested high school students had the opportunity to sit down and engage in conversation with four local veterans at a special event held in the Garnet Valley High School Library. The veterans who attended served between the 1940s and the 1980s, and their combined experiences fostered an excellent range of discussion.

group of people at table

Small Group Discussions

Students met with each veteran in a small group setting to pose questions and discuss the veteran’s military experiences. Attendees will not soon forget the extensive firsthand commentary regarding many of the events they learned about in their history books. The event concluded with a catered lunch for both students and veterans.

group of people at table


“Both the students and veterans were very thankful for this opportunity. We appreciate the generous funding that was provided by the Korean War Legacy Foundation and World History Digital Education.”

-Amanda Reid-Cossentino